Friday, April 16, 2010

RTOG 0129 - Accelerated concomitant boost confers no benefit if chemo is used in H&N cancers

Another abstract sees the light of day in the Red Journal:

~700 patients with stage III and IV H&N cancer were randomized to either altered fracitonation (concomitant boost) vs standard fractionation with concurrent CDDP. No differences were seen in any of the endpoints (toxicity, OS, DFS, LRC, or DM). This confirms findings from the GORTEC trial that CDDP may supersede the effect of altered fractionation in the treatment of H&N cancers. Again - the manuscript will be eagerly awaited...


A Phase III Trial to Test Accelerated Versus Standard Fractionation in Combination with Concurrent Cisplatin for Head and Neck Carcinomas (RTOG 0129): Report of Efficacy and Toxicity: "A phase III trial was completed to test the efficacy-toxicity of combining cisplatin with an accelerated concomitant boost (AFX-C) versus standard fractionation (SFX) in locally advanced head and neck carcinoma (LA-HNC)."

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