Saturday, June 5, 2010

IORT (20Gy x 1) for early stage breast cancer

ASCO 2010:
The international TARGIT trial reports 24 month median follow up for local control, their primary endpoint. This randomized 2,231 patients to a single intraoperative treatment vs. standard WBRT. At early followup, there was no difference between the arms (0.31% for IORT and 0.29% for WBRT). There was a small and non-significant increase in wound healing issues with IORT, and the overall incidence of RTOG G3 toxicity was significantly lower in the IORT arm. While followup is clearly needed from this abstract, this data is quite provocative and the manuscript is already available showing no difference at a 4 year endpoint (published early online at the Lancet). This potentially could affect practice quite dramatically and replace APBI for the lowest risk patients...


Safety and efficacy of targeted intraoperative radiotherapy (TARGIT) for early breast cancer: First report of a randomized controlled trial at 10-years maximum follow-up.

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