Thursday, July 14, 2011

Short Term ADT and RT in Prostate: RTOG9408 in the NEJM

In the NEJM today:

RTOG 9408 is published, a randomized trial for prostate cancer, T1b-T2b, PSA<=20. 1,979 were randomized between 66.6Gy RT alone, and with 4 months of neoadjuvant and concurrent ADT. Impressively, a survival advantage was seen at 10years, at 62% (RT + STADT) vs 57% (RT alone), with corresponding benefits in disease specific survival. The ADT was also reasonably well tolerated. In post-hoc analysis the benefit seemed confined to the intermediate and high risk patients on study.

However, as the authors appropriately acknowledge, we have moved away from 66.6Gy due to multiple positive dose escalation trials, and the applicability of this data with current treatment is unknown. Insert plug for RTOG 08-15 now...

At the end of the day, I think this bolsters the current practice, based on the D'Amico trial, of STADT in intermediate risk patients. I would hesitate to start lower risk patients on ADT just because of this trial...


Radiotherapy and Short-Term Androgen Deprivation for Localized Prostate Cancer: "New England Journal of Medicine, Volume 365, Issue 2, Page 107-118, July 2011."

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