Thursday, July 9, 2009


In this weeks JCO there is an interesting article from investigators in Sweden and Norway reporting a phase II trial of 15Gy x 3 for T1 and T2, medically inoperable NSCLC. Of import, the dose was prescribed to the 67% IDL, meaning that the dose to the center of many of these tumors was much higher.

57 patients were enrolled, the majority were T1 (70%). 3 year OS was 60%, but perhaps more importantly, given their comorbidities, the CSS was 88%. 3 year LC was 92%. 16 patients experienced grade 3 toxicity (28%), and there was one patient with grade 4 dyspnea. No grade 5 toxicities were seen.

This lends even greater support to the practice, and is a great improvement over the prior standard of 70Gy to a postage stamp field to those that are not healthy enough for lobectomy. The next step of course is to look at this in the medically operable patient... stay tuned to ongoing clinical trials on this subject.

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