Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NSABP B-32 - Sentinel Node Study published for OS

In the Lancet Oncology,

Though already common practice, the NSABP B-32 trial randomizing breast cancer patients to sentinel lymph node mapping vs a full axillary dissection is published revealing no difference in any clinical endpoint. This is good news as it already has become standard practice in most US centers. Another thing to keep in mind about this is that there is a 5-15% false negative rate of the procedure, which has clearly not translated into a meaningful difference in outcomes in this trial.


[Articles] Sentinel-lymph-node resection compared with conventional axillary-lymph-node dissection in clinically node-negative patients with breast cancer: overall survival findings from the NSABP B-32 randomised phase 3 trial: "Overall survival, disease-free survival, and regional control were statistically equivalent between groups. When the SLN is negative, SLN surgery alone with no further ALND is an appropriate, safe, and effective therapy for breast cancer patients with clinically negative lymph nodes."

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